Every Master is Nothing More than a White Belt that Never Gave Up - Bruce Lee


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 Our programs are based on age.  We teach ages 4 - 104

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 Kids 7 and up, Adults and Families!

 Curriculum building block

Our curriculum is built on the belief that self-defense is the most important aspect of martial arts. We build from a series of basic exercises and concepts, learn to apply them in a self-defense situation, and then teach you how to practice them individually to maximize power, accuracy, and precision.

 We also believe in being ready for anything. There can be an unlimited number of situations that come up in self-defense. It is our mission to prepare you for any situation: whether you are standing up, sitting down, in the dark, or even in your own bed.

 As a result, our primary curriculum includes concepts regarding striking, ground defense, kicking, throwing, and grappling. We also believe that weapons training can help prepare you for any situation, including when an attacker uses a weapon against you.

 Weapons Training

Our weapons curriculum is built around effective and practical weapons training. We believe that students should know HOW to use their weapons effectively in a self-defense setting. Because of this belief, we teach you to effectively attack with, defend against, and use the weapon to defend against a myriad of martial arts weapons. Our weapons program is built into our main curriculum to make sure you can stay as safe as possible.

 Cross training

By learning more than one style of martial arts, we do our best to break the preconceived notion that one style is superior to another. Each style of martial arts is unique and inherently beautiful with a rich history that has shaped its development and philosophy. We believe that sharing the context behind each of the martial arts styles we teach can make you a more versatile martial artist who can protect yourself and your family.

 Personal Development

Each of our instructors has been impacted by their own martial arts journey. While we each have a separate journey, we noticed we each strive to pass on the most valuable lessons we have learned from our martial arts journey, whether it is how much we can accomplish when we believe in ourselves, how strong we can be in trying times, or how we can show someone else how awesome they can truly be.

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