The higher I climbed the more humble I became - Master Karen Eden


Current Students

At first my grandson was hesitant in enrolling in Martial Arts. I encouraged him to try it because of a problem with bullying at school. Once he started and the instructors Ms. Bridgette Crocker, Daniel Bamper and Kevin Listen. They are all very well qualified having Black Belts in different degrees. My grandson enjoys how they all take the time to teach one on one with all the students regardless of age and gender. All students are also taught respect for others and one another. It is rewarding to me to observe the students as they progress. It is one big Happy Family . Thank You Integrity Martial Arts of Moore for being there.Pedro Provencio
This last summer my daughter was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.  Behaviors toward us that compelled us to seek help included punching, screaming, pinching, scratching, throwing things, slamming doors, kicking doors, banging her head on the floor (at 18 months), lying, screaming “shut up” at us daily, explosions of frustrations over trivial things, and just downright physically challenging us to a fist fight with hands clenched and ready to throw punches to our face.  Some will say children do what they observe but I can assure you, there’s nothing she has observed at our home or anywhere else that comes even close to those behaviors.

She attended a birthday party there and begged to come back to the classes.  Since we started classes about 1 month ago, we have seen a total turn-around in her behavior in such a short amount of time.  “Yes ma’am” is now heard in our home multiple times daily and her cooperation with basic instructions comes easily now.  We have noticed less instances and less intense moments of the physical lashing out and even times where I could actually see her stopping for a moment to reconsider the bad choice she was about to make.  I see her confidence is improving since the first class as well.

You have no idea the “hallelujah” moment I was having in the classes about self-control and not hitting parents.  I look forward to picking her up from school and what was once 90% bad evenings is now about 15-20%.  Weekends are easier and not the most dreaded days of the week.  I actually miss her when she’s at school and she is now fun to be around.  We laugh a lot more and she spends way less time in her room or writing sentences because she’s in trouble.  This has relieved so much stress and depression from me from thinking I must be the worst parent ever because of her previous behavior.  I was convinced it was all my fault and I was doing something terribly wrong.  I didn’t know what to do or how to deal with it; I was hopeless and cried daily.


So, I said all that to say this, THANK YOU, you have been a HUGE blessing to our family!  Your impact on lives is more far reaching than you know.  Your classes are unique and I love the life skills lessons and structured but fun environment.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!D Teague
Integrity Martial Arts is an excellent school, run by three amazing people. Kevin, Dan, and Bridgette are not only very talented martial artists but they obviously have a passion for both Martial Arts and teaching, which comes across in every class. I have trained with quite a few Martial Arts instructors and these guys definitely rank up there with the best of them. Each student is treated politely and with respect at all times and made to feel as though they are an important part of the school. This attitude from the instructors and other students is a superb example to the younger students and my daughter has certainly benefited from having such positive role models. Classes are available for all ages (4+), and cater to people of all levels of ability and physical fitness. The enthusiasm of the instructors is contagious and the family friendly atmosphere makes it a real pleasure to train at this school.Phil Bourne